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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Our Story, Part 7 - From Zero, to Two, to One!

Well in less than two months we went from being childless, to two children to one child. What a crazy emotional roller coaster we were riding, sometimes I just wanted to get off so I could stop spinning!
My son Bryan, (who is 14 now and reads my blog) read my entry yesterday and said “that is all I get, one short sentence for the whole time I was gone?” I had to chuckle a little bit. I told him I would be adding more as I continue on through the story. I hope everyone isn’t getting bored.

Cole with his aunt Dani

Since we didn’t have very many baby supplies (Ruth had given me Cole’s crib and most of his baby clothes but I still didn’t even have a high chair, I had been feeding Cole on my lap) some neighbors of mine planned a baby shower for me.

I still get emotional thinking about how grateful I am that these women did this for me,

it meant SO much!

At the baby shower with Cole, February 1998

The baby shower invitations stated:
“A baby shower for Camille Henrie and her new sons!”
and also mentioned clothes sizes for Bryan, Cole, and a newborn ~ but by the actual date of the baby shower, Bryan had already gone back to live with Ruth and it was unclear if Ruth still wanted to place the baby with us. I was grateful someone even thought about giving me a baby shower at that point, especially because Cole wasn’t even officially “mine” yet.

Camille and Cole - These pictures were taken February 12, 1998

I cherished all the time I was able to spend with Cole for those few months.

Bryan even came to Cole’s first birthday party in April even though he lived with Ruth at the time (Ruth and I talked quite often and went out to lunch, so it wasn't weird that Bryan came, he was just a natural extension of our little family).

Throughout the ten year process of adopting all five of our children, this was the only time we had only one child. (Preston would be born before Cole reached his first birthday; they are officially the same age for 10 days!)

It felt weird having only one child, but I didn’t get too comfortable, things were about to change again.

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  1. Hi it's me, your cousin Wendy again and to answer your question, NO!!!, we're not getting bored with this story and all the details (at least I'm not). I wish these were longer;)