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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Our Story, Part 12 - Six month wait

A few days after we got Preston back I was standing in line at the store holding him (he was one-month-old) with Cole (1-year-old, they are only 11 ½ months apart in age), and the lady standing next to me said “oh let me see your baby” ~ so I show her, and then she asks “how old is he?” and I say “about one month” and then she looks me up and down and says, “WOW, you look great for just having a baby!” I just smiled ~ and thanked her. One of my favorite reactions (when someone I know would see me holding a new baby) was “I had no idea you were pregnant!” I would just laugh and say “neither did I!”

Camille (me) with Cole and Preston visiting with my brother Kelly

There were so many people placed in our path to allow this amazing journey to take place. One very important person was our attorney (I haven’t asked to use his name, so I won’t). He has been the attorney on all five of our adoptions and he is one of the most charitable people I have ever met.

When Mykel and I first wanted to adopt, our attorney met with us individually and interviewed us about why we wanted to adopt, what our background was, etc. We also discussed the fee schedule for a private adoption (we didn’t have any money saved because before we got our boys we had only been contemplating adoption for about one month). We agreed on attorney fees (which were very minimal compared to normal adoption fees). I later found out (because I worked in the same office as he did at that time) that all the money we paid to our attorney he donated to a victim reparations fund (a fund to buy toys and teddy bears for police officers to give to child victims of sexual abuse).

Our attorney has a very demanding schedule and his time is worth a lot, yet he was always there anytime we needed him (without having to pay a fee!) He is just ONE of the many amazing examples of selfless people who have helped us along the way.

Out with the boys for a picnic

According to the laws of our state, an adoption can be finalized six months after placement, not date of relinquishment, which means, the adoption could be finalized six months from the date Preston was first placed with us (if relinquishment requirements are met). Even though Cole had already been with us for four months at this point, we decided to finalize both adoptions at the same time (November). Now we just had to wait.

Three brothers together for a visit

(even though Bryan lived with Ruth at the time, and I had Cole and Preston)

In the interim we were able to help Ruth and Bryan get set up in a new apartment in a different town (only 30 minutes from where we were). We saw Bryan on several occasions over the next six months (my parents and siblings were even invited to his birthday party). At this point Mykel and I wanted a new start somewhere else. We looked for jobs in California and a few days after Cole and Preston’s adoptions were finalized, we moved (again)!

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  1. The timing of your changing your blog is perfect for me. We've been trying for another baby for 16 months now. I know it's nothing compared to your 11 years but I'm just beginning the emotions of not knowing what's going on. I KNOW I can have kids, my boys came so quick. I'm starting to get worried. Haven't been to any doctors yet. Researching like crazy though. Is there reason for me to worry? I need someone's opinion who's been through it. I'm sick of hearing "Maybe it's just not the right time" or "just be patient" You know what I mean. do you mind giving advice? maybe via