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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Letter from a Birth Father

When I decided to write this blog I wrote Tony (Ava's Birth Father) an e-mail explaining what I wanted to do. I told him if he ever wanted to contribute anything or post anything on my blog I would be happy to share "his side of the story" or how he felt. I received the following e-mail last week ~ used by permission from the author.

(Here are a few pictures of Ava with her birth father Tony. I showed Ava a picture of Tony on my computer and asked her "who is that" and she said "me!" They do look a lot alike!)

I am the biological father of Ava Skye. My name is Tony Padia, I am a Native American from the Northern Ute Tribe. Ava is my only child. I had visited with her a few weeks after her birth.

I also had the opportunity to visit with her and bring my mother Lorna Bear and my little brother Justin with me on this visit. I was very nervous on how things would turn out with the people that had brought Ava to visit me and my family. It turned out that they were very friendly and open to expressing how loving Camille and her husband were to Ava. I was glad to hear they welcomed her into the family with love and kindness. Camille’s friends expressed that Camille wanted to adopt Ava; I was sad for a moment, then my mother explained to me that Ava would understand my love that I have for her to be brought into a home with two loving parents and brothers (biological) that would love her. I was very open to the fact that they would take her as their own child.

About my visit with Ava - I had the opportunity to hold Ava and I realized that I held a responsibility toward baby Ava who I had brought into this world. I remember seeing how beautiful she looked; so small, she had loving eyes, and my nose, with a great complexion.

I love her with all my heart. What stands out the most is how much I love her. I want the best for Ava; I couldn’t offer that for her and knew that she would be well take care of by Camille and her family.

I see Ava now in photos. I am so glad that I was brave in my choice to see her raised in a loving family; I could not take that away from her now or ever. I know that this is the family our Creator has chosen her to be with.

Tony Padia


  1. The two words that keep coming to my mind as I read this are Amazing Grace!!! Touching, Camille, this is a beautiful story. Have a blessed day.

  2. Camille -

    You, Mykel and Tony are all so amazing. I admire you all for being able to put your needs, wants and desires aside and do what is best for Ava. It is so wonderful that you have the strength to be open with all the adoptions so your children have the stabilty of knowing their birth families. Thanks so much for your blog, it truely is inspiring.

    Shanna Riding

  3. What a courageous thing to do, giving a baby to your family so she can have the life he wanted for her! She's Ute -- that's such a great heritage. What a wonderful girl, from wonderful people, living with a wonderful family!

  4. Oh my gosh, make me cry.

    She is absolutely gorgeous. Every time I read your blog, I am amazed at the selfless behavior of all the parties involved. I'm sure it has been rocky along the road at times, but what an amazing story. Beautiful children!

  5. Great addition to hear his love and perspective. Makes the story even sweeter.

  6. Thank you everyone for your kind words! There is so much more to share that can't even be put into words, so many blessings and miracles that happened during this time in my life. I am so grateful for promptings and for how other people are placed in our path to be an answer to prayers. :)