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Sunday, March 7, 2010

"On Being" - By Valorie

This poem was written by my children's birth grandmother in 1999 after Bryan came to live with us. She has given me permission to share.


Has it been this long since I took pen to make in here some poem?
Has life itself been so heavy that I couldn't take time to share?
Is moving and sorting through the treasures life has stored in drawers
The thing it takes to open hearts to sit and ponder past?

Is losing loved ones what we need to open up our hearts
to deeper understanding of the meaning of our lives on earth?
Do we have to give up all our yesterdays to make someone else's tomorrows?
Does God expect us to ever understand the sacrifice of His Son?
Do we have to sacrifice those we love to come close to understanding?

I hope I will understand...

by: Valorie 1999

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