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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Just a few random thoughts today before I move on….

I have been talking with Ava’s birth father and he would like to contribute his side of the story, but he is really busy with finals right now so I will add his insight at a later date!

As I have been reading through other adoption blogs I have been amazed at the negativity surrounding adoption and how many people are AGAINST adoption. I guess I must have been living in a bubble but I had no idea of these other perspectives (I hadn’t even thought about it from their point of view). It doesn’t change how I feel about adoption, I have had a very positive experience for the most part, but it has really helped me understand how my children might be feeling or what they may feel in the future. I have honestly learned a lot (I wish these blogs were around 10 years ago!)

Back to my story… anyway on the day Ava’s adoption was finalized my attorney drove up to Ogden from Salt Lake City (about a 30-45 minute drive). We met at a bank because we had to have a few papers notarized before we went into court. This was the first time that we had even met with our attorney during Ava’s adoption. I hadn’t paid him a dime up until that point (and he hadn’t asked for anything either). I had just graduated from college and my parents had given me $50 and that was all I had to spare at the time. I gave him the $50 that I had and that was it. When we went into court later that morning and he had to tell the judge what our adoption costs were (for his portion), he said $50 and I think the judge about fainted. I only mention this because so many adoption blogs talk about how they hate how people profit monetarily from adoption. I just want to make it clear that my attorney was not doing this for the money. He took time off of his own job to be at court that day with us. He took our phone calls and gave us advice when we needed it and basically did Ava’s adoption for free. I laugh about this now because the following year I was audited by the IRS the because our adoption expenses were so low…. Go figure!

The story of my youngest daughter Aubrey is quite complex and almost unbelievable; again I am at a loss on where to begin. I am going to take a day or so to get my thoughts together and figure out how to begin with “the rest of the story.”


  1. oh my goodness!!! I just found your blog almost 2 hours ago and have not been able to stop reading! I can't wait for the rest of the story! Thank you for sharing. what a beautiful person you are and such a beautiful family you have.

  2. You know what? I totally agree on being SO surprised at these anti-adoption blogs and opinions. I about crapped my pants when I saw that comment on your post (on my blog). It took everything I had not to ream that girl. Her logic is extremely childish...I will spare you my ranting, but just had to say...agreed.

  3. Wendy, Thank you for posting a comment! I am so glad you are enjoying the story, I sometimes debate whether I should be sharing all of this...but it has been helpful to not only me but to my children's birth mother as well so I will keep plugging away! :)

    Mariel, I too was so surprised by the comment from your blog. I did go to her blog and read what she had to say. She made some good points and I could see her logic - but there is always good and bad in everything and I try to see the good! Thanks for your insight and for writing something nice after her comment! Made my day!